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Here's the Best Time for You to Write, According to Science

This article will help you in finding out your best writing time.

free translations

A great translator, which also offers online translation services if you want your translation to be 100% accurate. Online translators can get it somewhat right, but are not comparable to the real thing.

Another option for an accurate translation is finding someone in real life, which speaks the language.

Productivity Apps that use Gamification

They basically work like Computer games. In-Game tactics are used in a non-game relation to reward you for completing tasks. Basically, you complete a task, you get a reward within a game. It can be a lot of fun.


Is a fantasy role playing game where you gain in game rewards and yes punishments after completion or non-completion in real life. There are a handful of fantasy games like this out there, but Habitica is cool, as you can "battle monsters" with friends or within a group, social media included.


Is for you, if you are not so much into fantasy and prefer a more adult way of battling your writing tasks. You basically plant a seed which turns into a tree if you work away on your tasks. If not your tree dies. You can create a whole forest and a cool feature is that you you can use the virtual coins you earned to plant a real life tree.


Superbetter does more than just treat you with rewards or punishments. It puts you on a journey and increases resilience. It is made to accomplish tasks which take willpower and therefore is perfect for a writer.


One Look will give you a great selection of dictionaries, even specialized ones you can choose from after searching the word you are looking for. It also has lots of other great features such as Word origin, Rhymes, etc. The site is very easy to navigate, which makes it great to use.


Sometimes you might want to look up a word or are trying to find a great descriptive word, Dictionary can help you with this.  It also features a “word of the day”. You can never learn enough words for writing.

Thesaurus and Dictionary are on one webpage.


It’s important to use active and original verbs for descriptions in a screenplay. There are many synonym finding websites to choose from but Thesaurus gives you the highest number of synonyms for a specific word.


The blue book of grammar and punctuation will help you with any problems regarding punctuation, grammar and other rules.


While working on your screenplay project you need actual writing tools. In the development stage Word, notebooks, etc. will do, but once you go to the actual scriptwriting stage, I highly recommend using a script writing software.

My upcoming Learn topic Screenplay Software gives you the gist on how to pick one. Some of these Softwares have all the elements you need to help you to get your project organized and developed from start to finish.

Screenplay formatting

While you are writing a screenplay make sure you have a good book on screenplay formatting on hand. Most online sources regarding formatting only cover the basics, so it’s a good idea to invest in a good book.

Formatting your screenplay correctly shows an industry reader you are not a novice. And through using formatting books you can learn tons about writing a screenplay visually and sparsely.

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The word choice, tone, pace, etc. of each Screenplay genre are very different. It is a good idea to read screenplays of the writing genre of your choice to see how it’s done. Check out our section “Screenplay Findings” with links to tons of sites where you can find and read screenplays.

There are also numerous books on how to write in different genres, which can be a nice addition to reading screenplays. Some basic books on screenplay writing cover this aspect too. Y

ou don’t need to read all of the books out there, but here and there it’s beneficial to put your nose into a book.

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