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As a scriptwriter it is important to watch at least a couple of movies per week to learn the craft of writing and film making. Even better if you watch TV series on top of that, as TV series are often times better written than movies and great way to learn how to write Drama.

So it's a good idea to get a monthly subscription or rent/buy digitally. Now that you can watch stuff digitally the market of options has grown immensely. Netflix & Co are all good options.

To find the right one for you, I suggest you search them on Google. Just add β€œonline video rent and buy” and you get a list of reviews which are easy and quick to read.

5 Ways You Can Buy or Rent Movies Cheaper Than Amazon by Ryan Dube

I’m adding β€œValue Village” or thrift stores in general to the above article. I always find a ton of inexpensive and great movie gems in second-hand stores. They are a lot of fun and have other interesting finds to e.g. books, CD’s, etc.

Writing an amazing short film is very hard to do and you can gain so much from it. Script Aid provides a wonderful list of genre specific original and award-winning short films so you can watch them whenever you need inspiration.  

This selection of shorts took quite a while to put together so I hope you enjoy them.

If you don't find what you are looking for, check out the list of links on where to find great shorts below.

Get your popcorn ready and enjoy the show! :-)

Jennifer 🍿 

Short Film Sites:


Short of the week

A great resource site for short films with lots of categories to choose from. It also has a news category with the best short films of the month. For $29 they will review your short film and if they like it they will launch it on their site.


Short Central

A great short film database with categories like award-winning shorts, genres, etc.

What's great is that there is an extensive search filter which makes it easy to find the shorts which are of interest to you. You can also add info about your short film and or add the whole short film.


Film Shortage

Contains featured and daily short picks which you can search via genre at the bottom of the homepage. They also have short trailers to peek your interest and you can submit your shorts which just may get selected. There is a free or premium package for this.



Huge selection of short films and a very interesting category not typical of your usual short film; from experimental to sports videos, you name it, a very cool site.


The Smalls

It does have lots of short films but somewhat difficult to get the search categories to work. It has a creative community, news and reviews with useful information which is great. I really liked their pitch room where big companies are looking for pitches on videos, short films, etc.