Thriller Shorts 🕵🏻‍♀️📽

Featured thriller short film:

Backstroke (11 min)

Written and directed by Robbie Barcley

Don’t ever swim naked and alone in a lake. Creepy short with amazing, tension building dialogue.

(Thanks Robbie for letting us feature this nail biting short film. :-))


The Black Hole (3 min)

Written and directed by Philip Sansom and Olly Williams

A very creative idea and great because there is only one main character and a black hole, which is a pool of power that gets misused by the main character turning him into his own antagonist. Award-winning short film, including the Cannes film festival.


Alone Time (13 min)

Written by Rod Blackhurst and David Ebeltoft.  Directed by Rod Blackhurst

The tension builds slowly, but the creepy ending and beautiful cinematography and image composition makes it absolutely worth the watch. Award-winning short film.


Breathe (5 min)

Written by Simon Allen and Toby Meakins.  Directed by Toby Meakins

A nice little ghost short with an unusual way of seeing the ghost with an original twist. Award-nominated short film.


Numbers (10 min)

Written by Matias Caruso.  Directed by Robert HLoz

Super interesting. Could be romance or drama too but due to the nature of the short and its mysteriousness, I've added it here. Award-nominated short film.


The Big Shave (5 min) 

Written and directed by Martin Scorsese

Simple, brutal and tension building. You don’t want to shave after watching this one.  Scorsese was apparently suicidal while creating it.


He Dies At The End (4 min)

Written & Directed by Damian McCarthy

Nice little short and what a great title to lure viewers in to watch this short. What is great about this short is that the character stays in one place the whole time and it works. No dialogue just messages on the computer screen. Award-winning short.


Table 7 (4 min)

Written by Marko Slavnic and Andrew McDonald.  Directed by Marco Slavnic

A lovely short film about the power of forgiving.  The short focuses on a couple getting spied on in a restaurant while they argue, includes a nice twist.  Award-nominated short film.


A Film By Vera Vaughn (4 min)

Written by Sorrel Brae, Zeke Farrow.  Directed by Sorrel Brae

Something different with great cinematography and acting and a lot of good twists.  This one will mess with your mind so watch it a couple of times. Award-winning short film.


Perspective (3 min)

Created by CinematicAction

Simple, clever, cool. Award-winning short film.