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In order to write a great screenplay, it is important to read great screenplays so that you can learn and excel in the craft of screenplay writing. It will also inspire you.

Below you will find lots of links with screenplays to choose from for free or to buy. Find specific screenplays you are looking for or just start reading any screenplay which piqued your interest. 

Script Aid also provides you with a great course chapter on how to read a Screenplays:

Script Read

Delve into the sites and have fun reading screenplays!

Where to start?

If you don't know what to start reading, here are some links to help you on your way:


100 Best Screenwriters of All Time

You might want to pick a screenplay from any of the screenwriters listed here, picked by working screenplay writers.



Some good genre selected screenplays, the writing of which are all very different. This will help you with the genre that you choose to write about.


Google your screenplay.

Free Screenplays:


Carries a list of classic movie screenplays.


Drew's Script-O-Rama

A good selection of feature film screenplays and screenplays of older TV series, organized alphabetically.



A good selection of Movie and TV scripts. You can search alphabetically or by genre. It also has plays from other categories.  Whatโ€™s neat is the organized selection of academy award nominated screenplays throughout the years. It also has a screenwriting store attached.

TV Writing (TV series scripts)

This is great site for any aspiring TV series writer. It has screenplays from episodes of US and UK television series. The US series are categorized by Drama and Comedy. They also have the "not so easy to write" pilot episodes from a lot of your favourite shows.


A good selection of feature film screenplays. You can search alphabetically or by genre.


Visually stunning movie covers of Oscar winning screenplays. You can search by genre or alphabetically. 


Sci Fi Scripts

A terrific source if you are looking for sci-fi related screenplays, it also features horror and fantasy.



Links to 100+ screenplays made available by studios and production companies.

Movie Scripts and Screenplays

Alphabetically listed screenplays plus links with more screenplay sites.


HorrorLair Movie Scripts

A nice little site devoted to horror screenplays.

Selling Your Screenplay

A good selection of screenplays with lots of interesting Podcast discussions from working scriptwriters and filmmakers.



A selection of screenplays sorted by genres alphabetically, but also some extras like production companies, literary agents, film festivals, etc.

The Daily Script

Offers a selection of Movie and TV screenplays listed alphabetically. Itโ€™s nice that they have a link to imdb for movie information.

Sfy - Screenplays for you

Another site with an alphabetical selection of movie screenplays. 

Buy Screenplays:

script city

A huge selection of older to more recent film and TV screenplays. They also sell treatments and storyboards, alphabetically structured of course.


Offers a large selection of cinema and television screenplays.

Hollywood Book City

Entails a great selection of film and TV screenplays with ones you can purchase and others available at no cost.


Hollywood Script Shop

Also provides a great selection of film and TV screenplays, plus you can get signed screenplays if you are a collector.


Ebay Movie Scripts

If you cannot find the script you are looking for, eBay can be an excellent source, they always have some incredible gems.