Feature Film Script Consulting

Feature Film Script Consulting


Writing a Feature film script is a challenging endeavour with a lot of components to include, work on and keep track of. I would love to help you with this challenge and take your script to the next level.

I will read your project and provide constructive feedback on Formatting & Writing Style, Originality, Structure, Plot, Characterization & Dialogue, Visual realization, Genre(s), Audience Appeal & Marketability.

Furthermore I will give creative and sophisticated advice on how you can improve your screenplay. The report is similar to a film industry standard script report, but will NOT include a synopsis.

After you received your notes, I am happy to go over them with you in a one hour phone or Skype call.

Please note that pricing is based on a screenplay up to 120 pages. If it is longer please contact me to decide on a different price. But for your own success of getting your script read in the film industry, stick with the industry standard of up to 120 pages.

I am looking forward to working with you,

Jennifer Storm :-)

Script Aid Founder

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