Feature Film Script Consulting

Feature Film Script Consulting


Writing a Feature film script is a challenging endeavour with a lot of components to include, work on and keep track of. Script Aid would love to help you with this challenge and take your script to the next level.

We will read your project and provide constructive feedback on Formatting & Writing Style, Originality, Structure, Plot, Characterization & Dialogue, Visual realization, Genre(s), Audience Appeal & Marketability.

Furthermore we will give creative and sophisticated advice on how you can improve your screenplay. The report is similar to a film industry standard script report, but will NOT include a synopsis or log line.

Please note that pricing is based on a screenplay up to 120 pages. If it is longer please contact us to decide on a different price. But for your own success of getting your script read in the film industry, stick with the industry standard of up to 120 pages.

If you join Script Aid or already are a paid member you will receive a 10% discount per order. You can find your discount code in your Script Aid Member Welcome email.

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