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  • I will treat your screenplay and ideas with the utmost security and keep everything confidential.

    Your screenplay and ideas will not be stolen or shared with third parties. All of your data will be deleted from my devices after the consult.

    It is always a good idea though to copyright your project content with the the U.S. copyright office for a low fee, before sharing it with the public. Learn more about Copyright in our Learn Lesson Script Copyright.

  • Given the number of applicants please allow a minimum of 14 days notice before receiving your script report.

  • At the moment the script consulting will be done in person by me, the Script Aid Founder Jennifer Storm.

    As the volume of work progresses, trusted and experienced script writers will provide their services. But don’t worry, I will keep you informed on who will work on your screenplay.

  • If you have any further questions or concerns please contact me at Contact@Scriptaid.net


After finishing my first screenplay I had Jennifer do a script report of my work. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Her report was thorough, concise and easy to follow.

After implementing the changes that she recommended the script was much improved. Jennifer was generous with her time as she continued to follow up with me after the report was complete.

Thanks Jennifer.
— Stan (Receiver of the Canadian International Film Festival Excellence and Rising star award for the above screenplay)

Jennifer is one script editor that will actually devote time and energy so as to get the best understanding possible of the writer’s concept and vision, without imposing her own mind and promoting rigid structural rules.

On the contrary. She will actively listen and figure out ways to lead the writer to a strong end result, adapting and fitting the “official” guidelines into his/her world.

Creative, gentle and reliable, Jennifer was the most appropriate person to work my rather unconventional script with.
— Eleni (Vancouver film school graduate)

After finally finishing my first feature length screenplay there was only one person I trusted enough to professionally evaluate it: Jennifer; and it was a well placed trust.

After reading my script she provided an incisive report on my script: What was good, what needed improvement, with many helpful suggestions of how to improve it.

I came away with a better understanding of how to improve not only this script but future ones as well. It was a very positive and inspiring experience, thank you Jennifer.
— Todd (Award-winning short film director/producer, FreshKill productions)

Jennifer is an excellent consultant, she takes real care and craftsmanship, following a structured method of getting to the truth of what you’re trying to say with your characters and story.

She is honest and open, but at the same time kind with her critique.
— Tim

After receiving my consult from Jennifer my understanding of how to improve my screenplay had advanced by light years.

After reading her comments I was inspired to make necessary changes to my screenplay because the nine pages of comments I got highlighted the things in my screenplay that worked -

being shown the ‘good parts’ along with the areas that needed reworking made me feel like I could face the task of making improvements that lay ahead of me.
— Gen