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Rare Books and Manuscripts (11 min)


Romantic Shorts

Featured romantic short film:

Rare Books and Manuscripts (11 min)

Short story by Toby Litt, adapted from the short story by Wendy Bevan-Mogg.  Directed by Bruce Webb

Great concept and very visual with hardly any dialogue. Nominated short film.

(Thanks Bruce for letting us feature this beautiful short film. :-))

Post It Love (3 min)

Written and directed by Simon Atkinson and Adam Townley

A short romance movie which uses post it notes in a creative and lovely, visual way. 

Validation (16 min)

Written and directed by Kurt Kuenne

Heartwarming and funny romance drama about always seeing the positivity in life and people. Award-winning short film.

The Crush (15 min)

Written and directed by Michael Creagh

Funny, heart-warming, exciting and surprising. This short has it all and makes us remember how honest and spot on kids can be. Academy award-winning short film.

Leonard In Slow Motion (9 min) 

Written and directed by Peter Livolsi

So original and great if you’re a fan of slow motion. Nice ending too. Award-winning short film.

97% (9 min)

Written by Thomas van der Ree.  Directed by Ben Brand

Great little gem where the only dialogue is through phone texts and visuals. It shows how hooked we are on our phones without seeing what is right in front of us. Award-winning short film.

Speed Dating (7 Min)

Written by Brian Beery.  Directed  by Isaac Feder

A great short about honesty and taking a leap. Award-winning short film.

I’ll Wait For The Next One (4 min)

Written by Philipe Orrenidy and Thomas Gaudin.  Directed by Philippe Orreindy

A bitter sweet short about being courageous when it comes to love. A good example on how to add dialogue in a short in an entertaining and meaningful way.  Award-winning short film and Academy Award nominated.

The Screamers (1 min)

Written and directed by Roberto Perez Toledo

A nice little romance dare short about courage. Award-winning short film.

Maybe Another Time (1 min)

Written and directed by Khris Burton

A great short with a shocking twist. Award-winning short film.