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Unusual Places & Atlas Obscura

You can find very unusual places around the globe on both of the above sites. Be inspired, especially if you need to come up with a new world or location and want to create something different.

Career Planner

There are over 12.000 jobs and descriptions on this site if you are having difficulties finding an original job for your characters.

It’s surprising to see that characters in most films seem to always have the same profession or job. People can identify to a regular working Joe or perhaps it's just laziness?

It’s a good idea and way more fun and interesting to come up with fresh jobs for your screenplay characters. Think of a hitman as having a day job as an exterminator or something similar, perhaps even working as an undertaker.


Characters seem to always have the same hobbies like collecting baseball cards. On this site you can find an extensive list of all kinds of hobbies, the top 50 most popular hobbies list.

And if you want to know what your favorite celebrity is up to privately there is also a “100 celebrity hobbies” section as well.

Hooked on Houses

The homepage features TV and Film houses in alphabetical order with some lovely pictures and great information about each house.

Movie Locations matter and American movie productions are really good at finding and creating great movie houses. And if you are interested, it also portrays celebrity houses and other beautiful houses.


Search through 100.000 film locations to get some inspiration for your own screenplay locations. They got it all from public washrooms to Bank Buildings.

50 of the world's most unusual hotels

Why not add a cool hotel into your screenplay to make it more interesting. You could even come up with your own hotel. Even if it will get changed at least it is more interesting than a standard movie hotel.


Here you can find a first name for all of your characters. The cool thing is that there are all kinds of writer worthy categories to pick from. It’s a lot of fun!

There’s also a description of the origin of the names and their meanings. You'll find the names of famous actors and musicians, their nicknames and the meanings behind them.

Behind the Name

Of course you might need a fitting surname for your character, the above site provides you with an insight of what surnames mean.

discover a hobby

This site has a list of hobbies and explains all hobbies in detail. It’s organized neatly with pictures.


Great if you need some information on any specific topics while doing research for your screenplay.

Faena aleph

Created a great article with links to the best digital libraries. It saves you time and is more efficient than going to an actual library.

MUO - Make Use Of

If you ever need to go to or find a location there are a couple of sources here where you can get great street and location views from all over the world.

Especially cool is 3 Awesome Historical Google Map Mashups which take you back in history and shows how a location looked back in the olden days with pictures.


The latest research news nicely organized within different main topics and subcategories. Whether you need up to date information on the latest state of technology and scientific breakthroughs or need inspiration for a new idea. This site delivers and is very informative.