Forum Coming Soon!

Welcome to Script Aid Mingle! 💬

Writers tend to work a lot in solitary at home, so Script Aid’s forum gives members the opportunity to connect with other screenplay writers in it’s own state of the art social media forum.

Use the chat room or instant messaging to...

  • chat about anything screenplay or movie related.

  • network and make new acquaintances.

  • share your project contents with fellow writers and swap constructive feedback.

  • join our fun and animating online events or even create your own.

Use the event calendar to...

  • sign up to participate in our events in our chat room.

  • create your own chat room events.

I created some simple forum rules, which I kindly ask you to read and follow when using Script Aid’s forum. 

The heart of Script Aid are our members, so it would be great if everyone joins in through being proactive within the forum via posting, chatting or joining and hosting an event.

My promise to all my members is I will put my heart and soul into the forum, but if everyone gives a little, everyone will benefit. It is going to make the whole community so much more fun and successful. Support each other and make new members feel at home, be inviting and helpful.

Have fun mingling! :-)

Jennifer 🙃