Constance Moofushi Hotel 1.jpg
The Constance Moofushi Hotel.jpg

 Cinefushi at Constance Moofushi - Moofushi Island, Maldives

Watch a selection of 100 movies directly on a private screen on a Maldivian beach while getting served drinks and snacks.  Welcome to cinema paradise.

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Soneva Kiri 2.jpg

Sovena Kiri - Koh Kood,Thailand

Beautiful resort, only a short flight away from Bangkok.  There are plenty of things to do like snorkelling, diving and trekking.  The dining experience looks intriguing; they have a mushroom cave and also offer treepod dining.  And of course the Cinema Paradiso is the highlight of this little gem which serves gourmet foods and exotic cocktails.

The Town Hall Hotel 1.jpg
Town Hall Hotel 2.jpg

Town Hall Hotel - London, UK

Hotel Description: "Before Town Hall Hotel's transformation into a hotel, the building was one of the most sought-after film sets in London."

A beautiful Edwardian era hotel with amazing cinema screening events in the Art Deco council chamber.  You can enjoy fancy food and drinks.  The Town Hall Hotel is not too far away from London's buzz.

Barnsley House 1.jpg
Barnsley House 2.jpg

Barnsley House - Barnsley/Cotswod, UK

Enjoy cinema in cosy British country style.  Barnsley House is a romantic little hotel right out of a Jane Austen movie.  It's he perfect place to relax; amenities include a spa and pool.  Why not have dinner in the local pub and then grab a movie in Barnsley House's own cinema?

Ashford Castle 1.jpg
Ashford Castle 2.jpg

Ashford Castle Hotel - Cong, Ireland

Hotel description: "Situated in a spectacular 350 acre estate, discover sumptuous rooms and suites, splendid interiors brimming with antique furniture, fine fabrics and unique features at every turn."

Enjoy watching a movie in elegant ambience.  Ashford Castle has its own plush cinema within its luxurious castle hotel.  A few notable celebrities also stayed here.  Next to the cinema the castle hotel offers many activities, from golfing to exploring the gorgeous estate garden to visiting the Falconry.

Roxy Hotel New York 1.jpg
The Roxy Hotel 2.jpg

The Roxy Hotel - New York, USA

A cinema hotel for cool cats in Manhatten.  This one has it all; its own cinema in the cellar, bikes, in-room awesome TV- and Sound-Setup.  You can even get a pet gold fish and acoustic guitar during your stay.

Hotel Cinema Esther 1.jpg
Hotel Cinema Esther 2.jpg

Cinema Hotel Esther - TelAviv, Israel

An elegant Bauhaus Hotel not far away from the beach which features a lot of classic movie memorabilia and of course the hotel features its own movie screenings.  They also offer free happy hour and appetizers atop their mesmerizing roof top terrace.

Kini-Hotel Meyer 1.jpg
Kino-Hotel Meyer 2.jpg

Kino-Hotel Meyer - Harsefeld, Germany

A rustic Cinema Hotel near Hamburg with an award-winning cinema.  The highlight is the Curry- and Schnitzel-Tickets which include cinema entrance with either a curry sausage and fries or Schnitzel with a side.  Enjoy good German beer and food before the show in the pub restaurant with a well-thought of movie menu.