Horror Shorts 👹📽

Featured horror short film:

Playing With The Devil (7 min)

Written by Mike Woodward and Damon Peoples and directed by Nick Stentzel

Based on the Japanese ritual of Hitori Kakurenbo. Very creepy, even if we don’t see the evil force. Award-winning short film.

(Thanks to the team of Playing with the Devil for letting us feature this really scary short film. :-))


Lights Out (3 min)

Written and directed by David F. Sandberg

This got turned into a feature film, produced by famous director James Wan. A simple but super scary idea playing with lights on, lights off visuals.


2AM: The Smiling Man (4 min)

Written by Shun Otsubo and directed by Michael Evans

This short plays with the situation of facing a really weird and creepy stranger alone at night. Nice cinematography and music.


Treevenge (16 min)

Written by Jason Eisener and directed by Rob Cotterill and Jason Eisener

Completely insane, makes you not want to have a Christmas tree anymore. Enslaved trees start to rebel in an over the top way. Awesome. Award-winning short film.


Bedfellows (3 min)

Written and directed by Drew Daywalt

A fast-paced bedtime short with a great twist. Award-winning short film.


I Heard It Too (8 min)

Written by Matt Sears and directed by Matt Sears and Tim Knight

A simple and effective ghost short. The little girl acts amazingly in this one. Award-winning short film.


Skypemare (7 min)

Written and directed by John Fitzpatrick

Great title. Cool short along the line of Scream with a good ending. Be careful when playing pranks. Skypemare got screened at several prestigious horror film festivals.


The Sleepover (6 min)

Written by Chris Cullari and Jennifer Raite and directed by Chris Cullari

This slumber short is super fun to watch and original, a sleepover with a twist. Shriekfest award-winner.


Mamá (3 min)

Written and directed by Andy Muschiettie

A simple, yet creepy little horror short, which inspired Guillermo Del Toro to create the feature film of the same name.


Selfie From Hell (2 min)

Written and directed by Erdal Ceylan

Nice little cell phone gadget movie. It is simple, fast-paced with some lovely scares. It also got turned into a feature film version. Award-winning short film.


Tuck Me In (1 min)

Written by Ignacio F. Rodó, based on the story by Juan J. Ruiz and directed by Ignacio F. Rodó

Creepy and simple yet so effective. Award-winning short film.