Gadgets 🕹

USB Typewriter

The company offers conversion kits to make your typewriter USB adaptable. Use it with PCs, tablets, etc. They also have a small selection of converted typewriters to purchase online.


The Querkywriter

Can't afford the above USB Typewriter. No problem. Try Querkywriter, very classy and much more affordable. 


Laser Keyboard

Don't want to carry around a laptop and type on your phone or tablet. No problem there either, with a laser keyboard you'll be be able to type on any surface, anywhere, anytime. Just remember to pick and choose the one that works for you best.


The Book Book

Add some elegance to your daily writing. Beautiful, beautiful laptop cases from Twelve South in all sizes. Google other options as well; there are so many amazing laptop cases and skins out there to choose from.


Coolest and awesome gadget pens and Cool Pens

Need a new pen? Check out innovative pens like the scanner pen (see pic) in the above two links. There are some crazy pens out there turning you into the cool kid on the block!



Sometimes the best ideas come in the shower or tub. This little waterproof notepad comes in handy.  Seriously, no more great ideas down the drain!


Idea Paint

Idea Paint lets you paint your wall with a dry erase surface, so you can be creative on your walls. It's so practical and lot of fun.



Need a cool bookmark for your screenplay? Big Nerd Wolf sells tons of movie character bookmarks and the neat thing is you can download, print and cut them out instantly.


Movies Coloring Pages for Adults

I loved to colour 'n' stuff as a kid and still do. There are quite a lot of movie colouring books out there. Best to google them online.


Greenfield Picnic Backpack

This British picnic backpack has got it all, it even includes a blanket! I own one myself. It is as practical as it is beautiful. Take your writing outside or even just enjoy a picnic with friends or family.


Environmental friendly disposable Casusgrill

Extend your picnic experience and take along this grill made of bamboo. It's easy to use, better than aluminium and better for the environment. Grills for 3-4 people.


Society 6 Beach Towels

Go to the beach in style with a cool movie towel. Society 6 has a wide selection of movie beach towels. They also have shower curtains, bath towels and mats if you want to transform your bathroom.


Coleman Beach Mat Recliner

This beach mat recliner makes writing or relaxing on the beach so neat and comfy. There's even a cooler at the back of the chair to keep your drinks and food cool. Comes in two different colours.