Creepy Hotel Carpet from The Shining


Forum Rules ⚠️

Script Aid Forum should be a constructive and positive environment where members feel heard, supported and have fun. To make people feel welcome, at home and enjoy themselves, please read and follow the below rules.

Chat Room Rules

  • Just like in a face-to-face conversation please be respectful about what and how you are saying things. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. This will help avoid offending people.

(Tip: re-read what you have typed prior to sending it.)

  • Please don't attack people. Sometimes you will have different opinions. Still use polite conversation to get your points across.

(Tip: In case someone might offend you, don’t engage and still react polite. It is difficult for people to be rude if you react this way and it disarms the situation.)

  • Please do not type everything in all capital letters. In the virtual world this could be misinterpreted as YELLING.

  • If it is not screenplay related, please try to keep profanity and sexual terms out of the conversation. It can happen accidently, but please try to control it.

  • Please give constructive and polite feedback to other member’s screenplay projects and not just criticize or put a project and its contents down.

  • Don’t use other people’s shared screenplay projects, ideas or contents or pass it on without their consent.

Event Rules

  • Please sign up for an event, so that the event host can prepare accordingly.

  • As events happen online the pace of conversations is slower than in RL. To avoid chaos please follow the leadership of your event host. Be patient, wait your turn and be respectful to your fellow event participants, making use of the above chat rules.

  • If you create your own event, please make the events either fun, informative and/or inspiring, so that people don't feel they are wasting their time!


Thanks for reading! 👍