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Forum FeaturesπŸ“±

Our forum has some really neat features wich will make connecting a lot easier than other social media forums. Below is a guideline for all our features:


Topics are organized within categories. When you create a post, please select a matching category to keep things organized. If you can't find a matching category, no need to worry, just post the topic. I will be constantly organizing and re-organizing the posts as the forum grows.

  • You can always move topics into different categories by yourself as well.

  • You can search a topic with the "Search" feature in the Menu to easily find yours or someone else's topic.

  • You can't create new categories; if you have suggestions for a new category please contact me.


  • You can bring our forum to life by easily adding videos, photos, attaching files or even by formatting posts with HTML.

  • You can like or dislike posts.

  • You can post replies or rebuttals.

  • When replying you can also choose to share a post on social media outside of Script Aid such as Facebook.

  • You can easily send a message or start instant messaging with a member by clicking on their profile symbol/picture of a member within the topic of discussion.

  • Users can mention one another in discussions by writing an "@" before their username. Mentioned users are notified so they can quickly jump into the conversation.

  • Returning to a topic puts you right where you left off reading the last time you were logged into a conversation. This way you can focus on  discussions instead of wasting time searching for which page you were on.

One-on-one Chat:

  • You can instantly chat with another user in the bottom right pop-up window, just click on the window. If you would like to keep the window open you can configure this within "Options". You can also turn the sound off or on within options.

  • You can click "Offline" if you want to indicate that you are not available to do a one-on-one chat. If you want to be visible as being available again, just click on the pop-up window and you will automatically come back "Online".

Chat Room:

There is one "Main Chat Room" in Script Aid where everyone comes together.

In the Menu at the top there are a few features which will give you an overview of the chatroom:

  • In "Chats" you can see all the available chatrooms. If you hover over or click on the number sign (+) below the main chat a window with "all available chatrooms" will appear. Just choose a chatroom and click "Join". Within the same window you are also able to search for a chatroom. Private chatrooms will allow you to chat in privacy mode with other members.

  • If you click on "Chatting" you'll be able to see who is currently in the chatroom of your choice.

  • If you click on "Online" you'll be able to see who is currently online.

  • If you click on the symbol with the square and pencil next to "Online" drop down box, you'll be able to compose a quick message to other members who are online, just type in their name and it will show.

  • Please note that after you close your chat room window or close/log out from the forum all conversations will be deleted the next time you sign into the chat room.

  • If you need to take a break from the chat room click on the little button with a green circle on the top right right corner next to your name within the chat room.  There you can choose "Busy". When you come back online, choose "Available" if you desire.


  • If you click on the little envelope symbol next to your profile picture or symbol, you'll be able to send messages to other members. You'll be able to send all kinds of attachments like files, links, pictures, etc.


  • Please note that the Event Calendar is only meant for online events. If you would like to set-up a local community event in your area through the use of Script Aid, please contact us to set this up.

  • For each new event which is added on the calendar you will receive an automatic email notification. To unsubscribe from receiving event notifications within the forum, click unsubscribe at the bottom of the initial email notification.

  • If you would like to be reminded of events you can click on an event on the calendar and use the "Remind Me" feature.

  • To add an event just go to "Calendar" in the top menu. Once the calendar opens up, hover over the day when you would like to add your event. A plus sign (+) appears, click on this and you'll be able to add your event. Please always add the start and end time to let members know how long your event will run for.

  • Please note that all member events will be monitored. If we deem any event to be inappropriate it will be removed.

  • Most importantly, add your time zone when adding an event.