Drama Shorts 🎭📽

Featured drama short film:

Two & Two (8 min)

Written by Babak Anvari and Gavin Cullen and directed by Babak Anvari

A wonderful  short about the use of power and subjective violence to abuse and brainwash people, be it children at the most vulnerable stage in life. It is portrayed by the use of manipulation and intimidation characterized by an evil teacher using his authoritative position in life to get what he wants without getting his hands dirty. It reflects history, society and politics in a classroom setting which is symbolic, as it is the place where we learn and develop.

Award winning short film. The director, Babak Anvari went on to direct the awesome horror-drama Under the Shadow which won multiple awards including a Bafta.

(Thank you Babak for letting us feature this thought provoking short film. :-)) 


Great Adventures (7 min)

Written by Karl Mather and directed by Gerard Lambkin

Such a lovely short and a reminder of the make-believe adventures we went on as kids. The living room and props inside are used very creatively and the short is visually stunning. It almost feels as if you're watching a stage play. Award-winning short film.


On Time (7 min)

Written by David Bradley Halls and directed by Ted Chung

A thoughtful story about how advice and a decision can alter one’s life. There are so many messages in this little movie, which has little dialogue and interesting visuals that ends with a great twist. Award-winning short film.


Passing (5 min)

Written and directed by Jolie Hales

Very touching and simple with a strong message and hardly any dialogue. Award-winning short film.


Identity (5 min)

Written and directed by KJ Adames

Amazing short with so many messages using masks as a visual to reflect society. 


The Lunch Date (10 min)

A film by Adam Davidson

Great short about preconception and how one incident and stress can trigger this emotion. Award-winning short film, including an Oscar.


Hellion (6 min)

Written and directed by Kat Candler

A teen angst short showing how a little brother copes and how his dad deals with his older teenage boys acting out. High (violent) stakes and great twists. The short got turned into a feature film with Juliette Lewis and Aaron Paul.


Kikki (6 min)

Written by Ramesh Naduviledam and directed by Vaisakh G Ashok

A thought provoking short about abuse created from the point of view of a kid through her toys. Award-winning short film.


A Minute of Silence (1 min)

Written by Guillaume Renusson and Clément Peny and directed by Guillaum Renusson

Shocking movie playing with silence on many levels. An abuse awareness movie. Award-winning short film.