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There are quite a few paid services where you can submit your screenplays for a fee, which then gets the opportunity to be read by numerous  industry players. This can become quite costly however. Script revolution is for free and offers some amazing features.

Do industry members browse their site? In their FAQ page, Scriptrevolution states that deals have been made after industry professionals browsed through their sites content, coming across scripts that really spoke to them.


You probably you know this one already. It is the must go to site if you need to find any information on movies and TV series. The daily industry news along with its weekly movie openings category is particularly nice to keep abreast of when it comes to what's happening in the film industry.


Variety magazine is one of the most important sources regarding the going on's in Hollywood. A lot of the articles are for free, a nice touch is the production chart, which lists what is currently produced or in pre-production in Hollywood.


Here you get access to the latest Hollywood insider news and info to stay on top of things. There is a free basic plan or you can access the whole insider buzz for $79 a year. They do a great job of staying informed, in turn keeping you informed so the site is certainly worth a look.


Donedealpro has a number of really useful things on offer like a feature film and TV series deal database, a list of production companies, agents, etc. It also has a screenwriting contest database plus other features. Some features are free and others are only accessible for a yearly membership fee of $29 USD.


Moviebytes has an extensive list of screenplay competitions sorted into different categories by genre, upcoming contests and more.  You can also search the loglines of award winning screenplays and can contact the writers of these screenplays. 

It's a great site to find out what kinds of screenplays win most in competitions.


The Black list is an annual survey of the “most liked” screenplays but not yet produced in Hollywood. The list is based on a survey of several hundred high-ranking studio and production company employers or financiers.

Most writers who are on the list with their projects are represented and established screenwriters but there are newly represented writers too.

The aim of the Black List is to get original scripts optioned, purchased and hopefully one day made. Writers also do get hired for rewrites or writing gigs.  The Black list also provides a list of agents and managers with influence.

There are screenplays from all kinds of genres and writers, newcomers and established writers alike so you can see what the competition is up to and what producers are looking for.

A lot of those screenplays, roughly a third, get picked up and produced, a lot of them walked away with academy awards and or golden globes. Because of this, important Hollywood players do pay attention to the list when it comes out every year in December.

You can find and read the loglines of the listed screenplays. Not all of them are great or perfect, but it is still a good idea to read through them for your own logline development.

You can add your screenplay for a monthly fee, but be advised, make your screenplay as outstanding and recognizable as possible so as to not waste your money and your chances. If your screenplay doesn't garner any interest then take your screenplay off, my advice.


The same basic idea as the Black list, the blood list focuses on the 13 “most liked” unproduced dark-genre screenplays and six TV Pilots of the year.

Somewhere in the number of 100 industry creative executives vote every year. Past feature film screenplays which appeared on the list and went on to get produced include Black Swan, Stoker, Warm Bodies, The Possession, Buried, The house at the end of the Street, The boy Next Door, Red Riding Hood among many others.

Accepted genres are: Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Psychological Drama, Dark Comedy and related genres. It's a must read for any dark genre screenplay writer.

What’s nice about the list is that it not only shows the logline, it also shows the representation and status of the project, plus you can track it down on imdb.


A great networking and educational site for movie creatives from all fields. It offers a jobs, educational resources, a lounge and more. It reminds of the MeetUp site, but on a cool global scale with roughly half a million members from all film art disciplines.


A neat community site with the purpose of bringing industry professionals together.  You can post and find jobs and find out about current film productions.

Film Freeway

Another neat competition site with film festivals and creative contests including script competitions. It has great search filters and you can instantly submit your screenplay and film for free. Very handy.