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The Elevator (4 min)


Comedy Shorts

Featured comedy short film:

The Elevator (4 min)

Written and directed by Greg Glienna (Original writer of "Meet the Parents", Director/Writer of  "Relative Strangers)

Super simple, low budget with great acting, not much dialogue and absolutely hilarious.

Below two more super funny shorts by him.

The Boss (4 min) 

The Librarian (3 min)

(Thanks Greg for letting us feature this super funny short film. :-))

The Gunfighter (9min)

Written by Kevin Tenglin and directed by Eric Kissack

A hilarious western short, which uses dialogue and western clichés in a fun and original way. Great ending too. Award-winning short film.

Sign Language (5 min) 

Written by Stephen Follows.  Directed by Oscar Sharp

Funny and thoughtful short about a guy holding up a cardboard sign. Lovely British humor. Nice ending. Award-winning short film.

Terry Tate Office Linebacker (5 min)

Written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber

Hilarious. Neat combination of American football played out within an office which results in both visual and physical comedy.

Telling Lies (5 min)

Written and directed by Simon Ellis

Only dialogue and sounds can be heard which is great as the viewer has to use his or her imagination.  It's awesome how the creators play around with subtext.  Award-winning short film.

What’s Virgin Mean? (2 min)

Written and directed by Michael Davies

A mom telling her kid how intercourse works in a hilarious way.  A great twist at the end. Award-winning short film.

Candy Crime (1 min)

Written by Leilani Holmes.  Directed by Ben Jacobsen

Beautiful camera work and amazing twists about a teen gang going after a little girl with candy.  Award-winning short film.