Script Gifts

If you ever need a special screenplay related gift for that burgeoning writer you’re acquainted with, below are a couple of original gift ideas to choose from.



There are endless ideas here.  You could gift a screenplay writing software, index cards, a writing board, nice pens and notebooks.  These will help nicely in inspiring and motivating that person to get that screenplay/story written.

Printer Ink and Paper

It may sound like a boring gift, but a printer with printer ink and paper is always an excellent gift idea, as screenplay writers tend to print a lot.  And if you are a writer and haven’t yet acquired the tools of the trade, please do because you will be amazed at the amount of typos and other things you will face once you’ve begun your writing journey.

Aqua notes

On a personal note, I get lots of ideas or solve screenplay issues while having a bath.  At least for myself, it allows me to think and reflect on what I’ve written.   Aqua Notes is a tool I use to write down ideas and thoughts.  It’s a waterproof notepad that allows you to think and write in the most personal of spaces.  I’m sure the women out there can relate for sure, as we love our baths.  Their slogan is fun - "No more ideas down the drain".

My Aqua Notes



Gadgets are always fun and can be super practical.  For inspiration please check out our Gadgets category.  I had to create it, as I just stumbled over so much cool stuff out there.


Writing a screenplay can be quite the process, so every writer could use a pick-me-up to tackle the day. 

A lot of writers do their work in coffee shops, so why not treat them to a coffee shop gift card.  Another option would be a gift basket with their favorite goodies to keep them going. 

We writers need to watch movies and/or TV-Series to learn the craft, to get inspired or simply to wind down after a long day of creating.  So gift cards relating to the craft are always highly appreciated.  Or how about a luxurious VIP theatre evening; check your local cinemas to what they offer?


In order to learn the craft and succeed as a screenplay writer, one needs to read about screenplay writing, enter competitions or attend courses.  Gifts relating for things like these are a great way to help a writer with their creativeness and writing productivity.

Magazine subscriptions, gifts relating to screenplays and/or books, competitions and courses are all wonderful ideas.

The best possible gift is buying someone a copy of their favourite film, or even printing out the movie screenplay, accompanied by either a DVD version of the movie or better yet, the actual movie poster.  Wrap it all up and you have a very special present.  If you really want to be fancy you can buy a collectors or signed screenplay of their favorite screenplay/movie here:



Hollywood Memorabilia

Ebay (Find Movie and TV scripts under Movie or TV Memorabilia on the left side)


Why not buy some games to get the creative juices flowing.  Rememory and Storymatic are excellent and fun games to do this.  They consist of cards, which should trigger memories or ideas to let your imagination go wild.

The Storymatic




It is always great to get some help and support from others, so why not give the gift of time.  If you are good at spell check, grammar or even editing, offer your time to help out.  Give away time to do some brainstorming or support a scriptwriter in other creative ways.  Allow them to share their thoughts and ideas with you, support their craft and creative endeavors. 

Get away

We writers love to get away to write.  Going away on holiday or for the weekend normally means we don’t have to worry about day-to-day tasks and can fully focus on writing and allowing those creative juices to flow.  Furthermore, a new environment can be very inspirational.

So why not take your loved one or friend away to create?  Maybe even to a location which is similar to the one in their project. 

And if you can’t afford it, create a little sanctuary at home and offer to take over daily chores, so he or she can focus on only writing.

Let us know if you have any great gift ideas!

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