Action Shorts 💪🏻📽

Featured action short film:

Arthur (8 min)

Created by Serge Ramelli

A spectacular parkour action short and so much fun to watch. No wonder Casino Royal used a parkour scene at the start.

(Thanks Serge for letting us feature this exciting short film. :-)) 


Panic Attack (5 min) 

Written by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues and directed by Fede Alvarez

A fast paced invasion short. Director Fede Alvarez scored a multi million dollar deal with Sam Raimi to turn it into a feature. Special effects are great for a short and the ending is neat. Sayagues and Alvarez work well together which their great chiller Don’t Breathe shows.


Monster Roll (6 min)

Written and directed by Dan Blank

A comedy action where sushi meets sea creatures. A lot of fun and ambitious.


The Customer Is Always Right (3 min)

Created by Robert Rodriguez based on Sin City created by Frank Miller

Robert Rodriguez created this short for Miller, who didn’t wanted to sell the movie rights on his graphic novels. This short persuaded him otherwise and the rest is history. Unbelievable cinematography. The short is used as the opening for the feature film Sin City.


Alive In Joburg (6 min)

Created by Neill Blomkamp

An diverse Alien invasion action short which successfully got turned into the feature film District 9 also directed by Neill Blomkamp.