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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with screen writing sources and don’t know where to start, what to choose from?

Is it that you just don’t have the time to go through with most of it?

Perhaps there’s a simpler way to connect with other screenwriters?

That’s how the Script Aid founder felt when starting out; to make things easier for you.

Script Aid provides you with relevant, straightforward expertise and makes it possible for you to connect with fellow writers from anywhere on the globe.


Why join? 🤔

Script Aid saves time!

Many screenwriters work on their script while at the same time holding down a job, so finding the time to write can be difficult. The process can become tedious; finding, researching and understanding complex screenplay information, next to what you actually should be doing, writing!

This is why Script Aid focuses on relevant, informative and inspiring screenwriting content, which is easy to look up and read.


Script Aid provides relevance!

While teaching screenplay writing and doing script consulting, the Script Aid founder noticed that the same basic questions were raised over and over again.

Script Aid addresses these common and important issues. With its original and insightful approach Script Aid also caters to the experienced writer.


Script Aid creates community!

Writing a screenplay can be a lonely and challenging endeavour if you don’t interact with others who share your passion for stories and ideas. 

Of course there are interactive functions you can attend, given that you live in a city with like minded individuals, but it can be inconvenient. 

Script Aid provides you with the convenience to become part of a broader audience, to share your projects and ideas with like minded thinkers from all walks of life on a global scale.

Script Aid provides an advanced online community where you can connect with writers regularly, engage in fun online events and share your ideas.


Script Aid will grow!

Script Aid is a young site with new and exciting content being added regularly. Over time our site will expand, accordingly so will its contents.

What’s most important is the heart and soul of the site, which will always be its members, "created for the people, by the people and of the people".

By applying the user based approach, our members will not only help Script Aid become the “go to” website for script advice and articles, but also help Script Aid grow through further membership.

Through our interactive live chat feature, you’ll also have a voice, a platform to converse live 24/7 with fellow individuals; allowing you and others to explore your creative side when taking on the daunting task of developing and writing an award winning script. 

Be it for fun, self satisfaction, or professional reasons, Script Aid is the perfect site for everyone, from the novice to the pro.

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Hey there my fellow Scripters,

I'm Jennifer, the founder of Script Aid and I'm super excited that you found your way here!

Professionally I was a nurse turned Script writer with an MA in Screenplay Writing for Film and Television. My love for cinema drove me to do something else challenging and what's more challenging then scriptwriting and I love a good challenge!

I'm passionate about horror movies, films with little to no dialogue and short films. Providing up and coming writers with support while sharing my knowledge is the reason why I created this site.

I currently reside in beautiful Port Moody just outside of Vancouver, Canada, referred to as "Hollywood North" in the industry. In between managing my website, I also work as private script consultant and teacher.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will become a member of the Script Aid family. I would like you to feel as passionate and dedicated to this site and scriptwriting as I felt when first creating it. - Your Jennifer Storm ❤️